Are you surrounded by pumpkins of all shapes and sizes?

Can you see a heard of cattle grazing in an open pasture?

Are your taste buds tingling for a scoop of Bart's Homemade Ice Cream?

You must be at the The Farm Store at Willow Brooks Farms - Welcome!  

All the benefits of 450 acre family owned dairy farm in one cozy, colorful roadside shop.

The Farm Store is an emblem of authentic country living  

Be a part of The Beneke Family tradition. With a view of a small but lively duck pond and the scenic, open air
fields outside the village of Millerton, New York, Willow Brook Farms has been a family business since it was
first purchased back in 1943. Today, Kenneth Beneke is the third-generation manager, carrying on the legacy 
of his
father, Henry, and his grandfather, Joachim, who moved with his wife and young son from Brooklyn to a new life
on the country farm, hoping to recapture his own pastoral childhood in rural Germany. Together with his sister,
Heidi, and mother, Carol, Kenneth remains committed to the Beneke family agricultural tradition of fresh, organic farm products and animal welfare. Willow Brooks Farms continues to provide community members and visitors from afar
with superior quality dairy, non-GMO sweetcorn, and humanely raised meat.

Name The Calf
100 calfs were born last year at Willow Brook Farm, and you can put your own personal stamp on the Benekes' family acres by naming a newborn calf. Proven to be a very popular game that draws participation from friends and visitors young and old, naming the calf is a competition in creativity. The first letter of the newborn’s name must correspond with the same first letter their mother’s name. You may think you know a lot of cow names starting with “M”, but the sign up sheet fills up fast, and when Millie, Moo Moo, Maggie, Molly, Margie, Maddie, Marigold, Mabel, Maisy, Meryl, Mildred, Myrtle, Mirabelle and Marilyn Monroe are all taken, you be left scratching your head. But if you think fast and divine, bovine inspiration strikes, you could be the winner - and walk away with a prize.

On Easter day, April 16th, Willow Brook's own cow Easter serendipitously went into labor and gave birth to a girl. A new calf needs a new name, so we're looking for an "E" name for Easter's offspring.

Photo courtesy of Dianne Engleke 
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The Winning Calf Name of 2017 Will Be Announced Here:
Paint 'n Sip at The Farm Store
Join artist and Dover Central School art teacher Casey Koerner Swift for a relaxing session of paint n' sip on the farm. Grab your friends, open a bottle of wine in the open country air, and let your creativity flow as Casey guides the group, step by step in easily creating your own work of art. 

Paint 'n sip parties will be held July 20th, August 3rd, and August 17th
Countdown 'Til Corn - July 15th
5...  4...  3...  2...  Summertime means a big summer barbecues, and nothing goes better with meat on the grill than fresh farm corn. Countdown with us until the day the first batch from Kenneth’s 10 acres of sweetcorn are ready to be sold. A customer crowd pleaser, the stalks may be plentiful, but this product is definitely in high demand. Grab it when you see it!
Past Event: Nancy Fuller of "Farmhouse Rules"
Food Network star Nancy Fuller stopped by The Farm Store last summer to autograph copies of her new cookbook, "Farmhouse Rules: Simple Seasonal Meals for the Whole Family" titled after her cozy culinary show set in her Hudson Valley kitchen.